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    Production Capacity

    • Three manufacture

      bases to produce 7 series products of sulfonic acids, sulfonates, sulfurized alkyl phenates, ZDDP, ashless dispersants, viscosity improver and package additives, more than 100 products totally. Emerson DCS operating system is applied in the production plant .
      At present, more and stricter emission regulations push prefect design of the engines. And the new engines need better lubricants with high performance when they offering high efficiency and reducing emissions. Lubricant additive play an important role in improving lubricants performance, it brings benefit to the clients and the environment, including improving the durability of the engine, clean and reduce friction, maintaining low exhaust emission level, and gives the best vehicle fuel economy. KANGTAI accelerated to upgrade the quality of products and update the structure of the products to response the changing of market demand.

    • Sulfonates

      KANGTAI use different molecular structure to design different structures alkyl benzene sulfonic acid. According to different product requirements for sulfonates product characteristics, through precise process control, to produce sulfonates that could satisfy the requirement of various oil products. We successful development of BD M600 sulfonates for fuel oil after several years research and development. This series product is mainly used for large base station engine. It’s effective to the harmful substances in the fuel oil.

    • Ashless dispersants

      KANGTAI produces Polyisobutylene succinic imide ashless dispersant with thermal adduction. With highly reactive polyisobutylene as raw materials, products do not contain chlorine. It is easy to form micelles in the lubricating oil, ensuring its initial oxidation of liquid products with a strong solubilization, as well as to the carbon deposit, soot and other solid particles has good adhesive solvent dispersant effect. Then to effectively guarantee the dispersecy of the engine oil at low temperature, and improve the dispersency and solubilization of ash and lubrcants oxidation produced under high temperature. The SDT value of product 10% higher than the similar products and gain much popularity among the clients.

    • ZDDP

      ZDDP series products are excellent antioxidant & anti wear additives used in engine oil and industrial oil. The KANGTAI ZDDP solved the bad compatibility of current antioxidant anticorrosion and the hydrogenated base oil. The New products have good stability, high antioxidation and high extreme pressure, super water separation and good compatibility with base oil. It is particularly suitable for engine oil, hydraulic oil, and industrial oil.

    • Package additives

      KANGTAI mainly produce gasoline engine oil additive packages, diesel engine oil additive packages, universal engine oil additive packages, dual fuel engine oil additive packages, compressed natural gas engine oil additive packages, two stroke and four stroke engine oil additive packages, etc. To meet the multi-level demand of domestic market, KANGTAI ZDDP can be used in all quality level lubricating oils from low level to high level.
      KANGTAI engine oil additive packages with excellent balance formular can satisfy harsh demand of the engine. At the same time, with excellent dispersant technology, it can control valves wear caused by soot and the viscosity increase of the engine oil effectively, and it can also control the wear of piston ring and cylinder liner, then improve engine oil TBN maintain performance and supernormal oil changing period.
      The industrial oil additive packages include gear oil additive packages, hydraulic oil additive packages, metal working oil additive packages and other special oil additive packages. Products are widely used in high load vehicles & industrial gear lubrication, gearbox, the oil film bearing in high temperature chain, hydraulic drive system and medium, shock absorber, the heat conduction oil conveying system, mechanical transmission medium, knitting machine and textile machinery lubrication medium, air compressor, railway Bridges and all kinds of mechanical equipments for anti-rust, anti-corrosion, lubrication and maintenance, etc.