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    • KANGTAI is a leading company offering “lubricants application solutions” technical service mode in the industry.

      As a large provider of lubricants application solutions in China, KANGTAI first created the “lubricants application solutions” technical service mode in the industry. Now KANGTAI ensures the leading position with its biggest management scale and the strongest technical strength in the lubricant additives industry of China.

    • The Independent R&D advantages consolidate KANGTAI core competitive ability, so KANGTAI becomes one of the enterprises with top R&D and test ability in the domestic industry.

      KANGTAI is always under developing steadily in the field of lubricant additives and lubricating materials in recent 20 years, and KANGTAI targets to research, develop and produce the new lubrication and maintenance technology of automobile after-sales market and industrial equipments. And finally KANGTAI developed a core technology to product lubricate material which can supply the domestic gap with independent intellectual property.

    • KANGTAI gets market advantages by its comprehensive technical strength, and becomes the top domestic manufacturer which has the largest number of clients.

      As a domestic manufacturer with largest number of customers in the industry, the company has occupied a large market share in the country with its comprehensive technical strength. Forging ahead in the segmented market of lubricating and maintenance, it has accumulated abundant technology information for market application. At present, the company has more than 3,000 customers in China, Western Europe, South America, North Europe, Southeast Asia and Africa. This can not only ensure the sustainable development of the company, but also provide a strong support to the development of new products and absorbing of increased capacity.

    • Along with the rapid growth in consumer demand of lubricating oil in Chinese market.

      China has become the largest consumer in the world, which has given rise to the demand of high added value addictives. Adapting to the change of market demand, Kangtai takes the full advantages of its products and constantly accelerates the upgrade of its product quality and structure.