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    • Jinzhou Kangtai Lubricant Additives CO., Ltd. is engaged in production, research and development of various lubricant additives and lubricating materials. It is the first one who creates the technological service mode of “lubricants application solutions” in the industry. And it also sets up a platform which can do research, development, produce, sale, storage, delivery and service of fine lubricants. And offer products and service to more than 3000 clients around the world.
      KANGTAI has seven product lines, more than 100 products, include sulfonic acids, sulfonate detergents, complex matrix salt detergents, ZDDP oxidation and corrosion inhibitor, polyisobutylene succinimide ashless dispersants, engine oil additive packages, gear oil additive packages, hydraulic oil additive packages, metalworking oil additive package and special industrial oil additive packages, etc. Emerson DCS operating system is applied in the production plant. The facilities of new sulfonates and phenates are under designing.

    • The lubricant additives of Kangtai are widely applied to the engine lubrication, anti-rust and maintenance of mechanical equipments, environmental special industrial lubrication, lubrication of machines and metalworking, rail oil and hydraulic oil lubrication for transmitting, lubrication of insulation and heat dissipation medium of the transformer of UHV project, the production of the temperature-tolerant and environmentally friendly calcium sulfonate complex grease, and some other auxiliary chemicals.