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    Corporate Culture

    people first and
    common development

    Concept: Good faith and hard working; people first and common development.

    Spirit: Pursuit of excellence, leading in the industry.

    Vision: Affluent employees, shareholders satisfied and recognized by the society.

    Management: People-oriented, based on regulations and rules; scientific and humanized management.

    Operation: Developing market share, customer first, diversified, mutually beneficial win-win and common development.

    Quality: Quality is the life of enterprise.

    HR: Reasonably allocated manpower; active internal competition; frequent personnel replacement; free promotion and demotion, integrity and ability, pragmatic and flexile.

    Competition: Strong competitive consciousness and overwhelming over the rival.

    Environmental protection: Thrifty and environment-friendly; clean production and safe development.

    Subsistence: A successful enterprise should stay alert to crisis at any time.

    Competition: Keep in the lead.

    Development: Development is of overriding importance.

    Innovation: Constant innovation is crucial for the survival and consolidation of an enterprise.

    Training: Constant learning and constant progress.

    Sense of crisis: Abandon the idea of blind complacency and keep vigilant in thought and action.

    Team spirit: Share difficulty and share happiness.