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    R & D Capabilities

    KANGTAI R&D center is a "R&D public service platform of fine chemical technology” approved by the department of science and technology of the People's Republic of China. In December 2011, it was approved as a municipal engineering technology research center.  At the same time, as an internship technical communication base of major petrochemical colleges and research institutes in the province, KANGTAI R&D center has trained a large number of professional chemical engineering talents.

    R&D center is responsible for new products, new technology development and technical support for the factory and the market. Ensure the continuous research of the core technology of lubricating oil additive products and develop the top lubricating oil additive products with high performance. In the process of ensuring the company's competitiveness, the R&D center plays an important role.

    At the same time, the R&D center has complete equipments for design, testing, and experiment. It also has the high capacity for new product research, development and production. It has close relations of cooperation and with China petrochemical academy of sciences, petrochina, sinopec lubricant R&D center and other scientific research institutes.

    As the platform of R&D center, there are more than 140 sets advanced analysis and test equipments and facilities, including heating oxidation stability tester of engine oil, four-ball anti wear tester, ICP inductively coupled plasma spectrum instrument, potentiometric titrator, cooling performance tester of the heat treating oils, kinematic viscosity at low temperature tester of petroleum products, optical luminous nitrogen determination apparatus, crankcase simulation testing machine of engine oils, salt fog test chamber of anti rust oils & greases, humidity test chamber, ageing characteristics tester of engine oils, fluorescence spectrum analyzer, shear stability tester of polymers, rotating pressure vessel apparatus, pour point tester of lubricating oils, solidifying point tester of lubricating oils, and several other analysis equipments.

    In recent years, the company's R&D center made significant break through, 10 items have been declared national invention patents, and 9 items have authorized invention patents. The R&D center is the national high-tech enterprises and provincial enterprise technology center. Its researched products are listed as the science and technology plan projects, key projects, and science and technology awards of the provinces and the cities.

    In the future, KANGTAI will continue to improve technology innovation system, and perfect the construction of “The public R&D service platform of fine chemical technology”. Through the R&D process of new products and new technology to optimize product structure and increase product technology content and added value. Through perfecting the incentive mechanism of technology innovation, increasing investment of technology innovation, enhancing the power and efficiency of technology innovation, improving enterprise core competitiveness, to support the future sustainable development of the company.