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    Corporate Responsibility

    English|About Us|Corporate Responsibility

    Corporate Responsibility

    Kangtai has always been adhering to the goal of common development with the community, in order to achieve the social responsibility of enterprises, is committed to new energy and new technology research and development efforts to reduce the environmental load. In addition, in order to maintain social order, abide by the corresponding laws, regulations and ethics, to carry out sound business activities. Kangtai's corporate responsibility from the production design began, bit by bit applied to the business process, continue to explore the study, there is no end. We are also committed to ensuring that our supply chains and our own waste are reused, recycled, or converted into energy if necessary. We also found that there is still a lot of room for improvement in the recovery of the limited resources in the product. We are also committed to the study of recycling technology, which is a new attempt in the field of recycling technology, we hope that this idea can inspire the whole industry, government and your support.