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    • What is talent

      What is talent?

      Does he/she have a high diploma? or know several languages? or have a strategy foresight?
      Kangtai believes that everyone has a gift, everyone may be a talent, and the key issue is how to judge and use people, and let them fully display their talents! In Kangtai, every employee will be respected, every innovation will be encouraged, every effort will be recognized, and every endeavor will be rewarded. This talent concept will always promote the healthy and rapid development of the enterprise.

      With the scientific personnel training, effective incentive mechanism, fair competition platform and broad career development space for talents, every employee can find his/her own value in Kangtai. Guided by the management philosophy of “interaction of scientific management and humanistic management”, Kangtai strives to maximally integrate the personal career planning into its development target and ensure that employees grow together with the company.

      We advocate responsibility, team, harmony, respect and innovation. Also, we need excellent employees to join Kangtai and make efforts to provide more quality products or services for customers, and we believe that the new employees will bring us more vitality, creativity and contributions. We sincerely invite you to join Kangtai!

    • Join us

      ists plenty of open

      Want to join our team? Please pay attention to our latest job offer

    • Training Guide

      Training Guide

      Seriously study and implement the Spirit of the 18th Party to promote the development of Kangtai company by leaps and bounds

      Training is the greatest benefit for employees