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    Products and Service


    • Customized solutions

      Customized solutions

      The company provides customized and personalized additive application solutions for the customers?with?special requirements. Its R&D?center is responsible for offering additive application design solutions for customers, and offers appropriate formula recommendations and follow-up improvement plan for the customers according to their actual situation and demand on the performance of finished product, so that the customers can produce excellent products.

    • Raw material?selection

      Raw material?selection

      Based on the customized solutions provided for the customers, the company also provides raw material recommendation and selection service for the customers with weak technology and purchasing capacity, i.e. selecting the appropriate raw materials in the company’s "additive supermarket" and providing the customized service for those products unavailable in the company.

    • Test of raw material

      Test of raw material

      The company has a “public service platform for fine chemical engineering technology research and development” awarded by Ministry of Science and Technology of PRC, and its subordinate quality control department has strong quality test & control technology and capability and can test the raw materials required in manufacturing process and outsourced from its integrated suppliers. For special raw materials required by the downstream customers, it also provides raw material testing services and relevant test data.

    • Simulated application test

      Simulated application test

      As a provincial-level R & D center in Liaoning province, the company’s technology center can undertake simulating experiment of lubricating oil. By using a series of simulated experimental devices such as internal combustion engine oil crankcase simulator, four-ball tester, rotary oxygen bomb tester, salt-fog cabinet, humidity cabinet, the internal combustion engine oil dispersible tester, the company can provide the simulation evaluation of internal combustion engine oil, hydraulic oil, gear oil and other products for customers.

    • Marketing model of “additive supermarket” system integration platform

      Marketing model of “additive supermarket” system integration platform

      Many kinds of additives are needed in production of lubricating oil, so it often leads to a high cost and time-consuming independent procurement for downstream customers, with the quality far from guaranteed. According to above-mentioned industrial characteristics and by use of additive application technology and supplier resources accumulated in recent 20 years, the company can provide a full range of additives for customers to meet their demands in procurement, distribution, etc. within the shortest time, and save the cost. It has initiated a product management model of "additive supermarket" in order to provide the "one-stop shopping" service for customs.