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    All the contents of this web site: ownership of text, graphics, LOGO, creativity, software and so on. The content and information provider of Jinzhou Kangtai net and this website are protected by China and international copyright laws. For the reproduction of all content on the website (meaning collection, combination and regrouping), this site is exclusive and protected by Chinese and international copyright laws. The ownership of all the software used on this site is vested in Jinzhou Kangtai network or its software vendors and protected by China and international copyright laws. The unique information of this website can be reproduced by the website permission and need to indicate the source.

    Information release clause
    Jinzhou Kangtai network can only be used for legitimate purposes, that is, to view information, online consultation, user communication.
    Forbidding published shortage or false information released information, if found in violation of the relevant provisions of the use of the user, we will retain the suspension or termination of the user's service right.
    All the information published on this website, are not allowed to violate the provisions of the state and local government on Internet network information security laws and regulations, administrative measures and other relevant laws and regulations;
    The content of the information released by the release of the information the user is responsible for the interpretation, and bear the resulting consequences and legal liability.
    We all have the right to use the information of this website users through the website, at the same time reserved for users to publish information management, modify, delete right;
    Is not authorized by this website, this website will prevent the user information for other purposes.

    User privacy clause
    Respect for individual privacy of users is a basic policy of Jinzhou Kangtai network user services. The Jinzhou Kangtai net will not disclose or disclose its registration materials to any third party without the legitimate user authorization and the non-public content stored in the Kangtai Jinzhou network user platform, except as follows:
    The reason for its improper user privacy information, leading users to non-public information disclosure;
    Due to the network, hacker attack, computer virus, government regulation and the reasons of the leakage, loss, theft or tampering;
    The requirements of the relevant laws of Jinzhou or Kangtai service network to provide users of personal information management;
    For the maintenance of the user and the public safety of life and property in case of emergency.

    Service termination clause
    Jinzhou Kangtai network judging user behavior is consistent with the terms of service requirements of the right, if the Jinzhou Kangtai network identification user violates the terms of service, have the right to terminate the service immediately and delete the user information;
    The Jinzhou Kangtai network according to the actual situation may be modified at any time, interrupt or terminate all or part of the user free service, and retained without any user or to the rights of third parties.

    Exemption clause
    Today this site does not guarantee the free service provided will not be modified, interrupt, termination, delay, can not guarantee the absolute integrity of user information and safety, for the loss of free service user is modified, interrupt, termination, delay and user information, the website does not assume any responsibility;
    Modification of service terms and Service Amendment
    Jinzhou Kangtai net has the right to amend the service terms when necessary, and once the user service terms of Jinzhou Kangtai network change, they will be prompted to modify the content on the important page. If you do not agree to change the content, users can voluntarily stop the access to network services. If the user continues to enjoy the Internet service, it is deemed to have changed the terms of service.